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Make Your Own Highball

The Classic Highball is a real thirst quencher. But with your flavorful palate, yours could be the Highball to beat. Let’s see what you stir up!

Start with a Chilled Highball Mug.
Add Your Favorite Jim Beam
Jim Beam White
Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam Honey
Jim Beam Apple
A Squeeze of Fruit to Boost
No, Thanks
Play Up the Flavor With a Splash of
Lychee Syrup
Peach Syrup
Muddled Strawberry
Coconut Syrup
Yuzu Syrup
Calamansi Syrup
Lemongrass Syrup
No, Thanks
Topped with Soda For the Ultimate Fizz
(Highball Without Soda is Unheard-of)
Chilled Soda
And If You're Feeling Fancy, a Touch of Garnish
Fresh Mint
Lemon Slices
Fruit Wedges
No, Thanks
You're Done!
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;;Top up the mug with four parts of chilled soda (120ml);;Stir once gently and enjoy
My Highball